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Get aware of your body, emotions, habits, patterns in life. Get courageous by exploring, challenging, and even being playful with that awareness. Transformation occurs when awareness meets courage.

  • Yoga
  • Cafe
  • Art
  • Therapies – Massage, Yoga, Reiki

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Get creACTive! Our culture is to offer a variety of mind and body wellness options in an inviting and non-judgement environment while also offering entertainment options to nourish your soul. We are excited to support everybody in their unique wellness journey, and believe everyone should have access to a supportive community along the way.

  • Mind and body wellness through healthy food (creEATive), reasonable fitness options (creFITive), creativity exploration (creARTive) and talk, massage, reiki, and yoga therapies.
  • Community environment and support
  • Various entertainment options including live music, open mic nights, comedy shows and game nights will be provided for you to explore and enjoy.

We rent out the space for events such as birthday parties, conferences, bachelorette parties, etc. Email or call us for more information!



Our quaint cafe serves a variety of drinks and delicious in house prepared food. We are open from 7:00 am-7:00 pm Monday through Saturday. Open later on event nights.

  • Coffee, Teas, Specialty Drinks, Beer and Wine.
  • Breakfast Items – Muffins, Danishes, Croissant, and Breakfast Croissants.
  • Choose one of our (Seasonal) Signature Salads – Southwest with a cilantro lime dressing, Club with a ranch dressing, Antipasto with balsamic dressing and Chicken Caesar.
  • Sandwiches – Pimento Cheese and Chicken Salad (both made in house), Club, Turkey, and Ham. On your choice of White or Wheat Bread.
  • Soups will change with the seasons.


Get creFITive! Our barefoot fitness room offers multiple yoga, meditation and breath work classes. Many physical and mental ailments stem from a disconnection of the mind and body and our culture is to help our clients bridge that gap.

  • Variety of yoga classes for all levels of ability, flexibility, physical and mental conditions, ages and financial levels.
    • Trapeze
    • Yin Yoga
    • Yoga Flow
    • Beginner Yoga
    • Qi Gong
  • Classes include breathing techniques, meditation, and general explanation of breath and body exploration.
  • Choose a single class or become a regular and purchase one of our plans to save.


Get creARTive! Our art area offers a great space to let your creativity flow and grow. Join a group class, schedule a one-on-one lesson or come use our materials to create your own masterpiece.

  • Paint and take group art classes (with wine and beer purchase options).
  • Individual lessons with our amazing resident artists.
  • Open paint times to come with your own inspiration and have access to our art supplies.

Real Lives Changed

Health Club management software
Health Club management software

The evolution of creACTive Wellness: how we came to serve Alabaster, Alabama!

Get creACTive in wellness! What is that? Creative action to heal and nourish your mind, body and soul.

We all have a story (or many) that we cling to and these tales, true or not, affects our wellness. You know the true wellness you experience when your mind, body and soul are all in sync. Yeah, I didn’t know that feeling either … until recently. I thought at times I was healthy – I was in shape, exercising, eating mostly good for me food. And then there were times of complete opposite – inactive, depressed, eating for comfort and drinking a bit too much delicious red wine. Two extremes, one me. And then life really blew up.

My world came to a crashing halt after the sudden ending of a very toxic marriage. My heart was shattered, and it took me many months to catch my breath, function through the tears and do some serious life purpose searching. The beauty of my broken heart was that my experience actually broke my heart open, and something drew me to not wanting to look FOR love but to BE love.

Realizing the need for a serious life adjustment, I spent some precious time contemplating these questions: What does my mind need? What does my body need? What does my soul need? The answers: creativity and learning, movement and true authentic human connection.

And that draw brought me to yoga. I learned the term ‘issues in your tissues’ and that spoke to me. Through the practice of yoga, I was able to start truly accessing and processing unresolved issues from childhood (and adulthood) that were stored in my body and untouchable from a talk therapy perspective. I was hooked!

I literally googled a variation of my answers and found Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. During the process of becoming a certified yoga therapist, I did the training with the mindset of personal growth and wellness. It worked! And I’m so excited to work with others with creative action to help in your wellness journey. Let’s get creACTive!

Spreading Peace, Love, and Patience-





Learn You. Live You. Love You.
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200 1st St S., Alabaster, AL 35007